Joysticks with Cruise Control


The MAP2 & MAP2L Joysticks are now available with Cruise Control.

The need of many Customers is to control the speed of hydraulic motors in two ways: linear and constant.
In many cases it becomes difficult to opt between spring – return or friction detent electronic joysticks.
Both options have both positive and negative aspects. With Cruise Control you can use the spring-return Joystick at constant speed without holding the handle.

Cruise Control is available in one direction only.

How it works.
Now there are two settings: SET1 and SET2.
The SET1 is used for normal calibration, and nothing changed with the previous version.
The SET2 is used to calibrate the Cruise Control.The Cruise Control is available only for Side A.
When joystick is turned on it always starts in normal mode SET1.


For more information on how to activate or deactivate this feature, please click here.