During the mid 1970’s a need was realized for a specialist supplier of hydraulics components specifically to the agricultural machinery market that was then experiencing buoyant times.

The industry in Australia at that time was dictated to by four major suppliers. Cross Hydraulics was established in Melbourne during February 1976 as a joint venture with Cross Manufacturing Inc. A major Manufacturer and supplier to the American agricultural industry. Within one year of opening, five people were employed to process the amount of business being generated. Initially, the products promoted and sold were agricultural cylinders, mobile directional control valves & pumps.

By 1980 the company had become so successful that the Australian partner was able to purchase the American interest in the company and so Cross Hydraulics became and remains a completely Australian owned company. From this time as demands in volume arose outside the cross Manufacturing Inc. Range of Manufactured products, new suppliers were sourced whose products would further enhance the goods offered and available from Cross Hydraulics but still applicable to the core of the business which was still primarily based on the agricultural industry.

  • 1976
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1994
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2016
  • Establishment of Cross Hydraulics

    Cross Hydraulics was established in Melbourne during February 1976 as a joint venture with the American Cross Manufacturing Inc.

  • QLD Branch Opening

    In 1990, Cross Hydraulics expanded its operations; opening a second branch in Queensland, Australia.

  • NSW Opening

    In 1991, Cross Hydraulics expanded its operations further; opening a third branch in New South Wales, Australia.


    In 1994, Cross Hydraulics opened their fourth branch – in South Australia.


    In 1999, Cross Hydraulics expanded once again; opening a fifth branch in Western Australia.

  • Filtrec

    In 2000, Cross Hydraulics started a joint venture with Filtrec SpA and expanded their operation into Australia.

  • New Zealand

    In 2010, Cross expands outside of Australia for the first time. A branch is opened in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Acquisition of Hypower

    Hypower was established in 1990 and acquired by Cross Hydraulics in 2015. Hypower officially begun trading in February 2016.