SKH Ball Valves


Ball valves for different fields of application like construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mobile hydraulics, mining industry, gas-industry.

• Working pressures to 350 bar*.
• Made of high quality forged carbon steel these
valves are used to obtain a quick and simple method of shutting off fluid flow in a circuit.
• The valve is configured from the fully open to the
fully closed position by swinging the handle through 90°. 

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2 Way High Pressure Ball Valves – Forged Steel Body

Stock No. Description Port Size Maximum Pressure LW mm L1 mm B mm H mm H1 mm H2 mm H4 mm M mm SWØ mm Wt Kg
SKH114 2 1-1/4” 350 32 80 76 104 84 13.5 38 M8 17 3.2
SKH112 2 1-1/2” 350 40 85 83 111 92 13.5 41.5 M8 17 4
SKH200 2 2” 350 48 100 100 130 111 13.5 50 M8 19 5.9

Dimensions: DN04, preferable DN32 to DN50

Body: S355

Ball + stem: free cutting steel, stainless steel (1.4571/316Ti)

Sealing: plastics, metal

Pressure range: up to PN500 (note table of dimensions)

Field of application: hydraulics, paint industries, steam, thermo oil, industrial plants, shipbuilding, paper industry (Coating seals and body materials adapted to application!)

Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C (-4 to +176°F)

Surface: black oxide finishing, zinc-layer, zinc nickel


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