230409327 (EC-PWM-A2-MPC1-DT-CAN)


Microprocessor-based PWM electronic driver for the control of a single or double-acting proportional function by means of CANbus or analogue voltage signal. Any complex logic function is available thanks to the integrated microcontroller.

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230409327 (Smart Driver Double)
Stock No. Model Code Coil Output PWM Adj. Power Supply Range Input CANbus or Analogue Calibration/ Adjustment
230409327 Smart PWM Driver Doouble Two Deutsch DT04-2P Solenoid/Deutsch DT06-6S Harness/0- 1600mA/IP69K/Ramp Up & Down Adj/Non -Linear Adjustment/Suit IPDAR43CDT12L2500 and IPDAR43CDT24L2500 8-30VDC
PC Programmable/ CANbus Communication Parameters/See Calibration Tool and CAN-USB Converter

The EC-PWM-A*-MPC1-DT-CAN drives one or two solenoids with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) current proportional to the input signal provided by a CANbus ECU or a joystick. The EC-PWM-A*-MPC1-DT-CAN is suitable for a variety of functions, from the classic PWM proportional driver (mono or bidirectional function) to customized and complex functions (e.g. clutch engagement cycle).



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