2MESEALKIT – 2ME Seal Kit – Buna (Suit 28-25-82-52-62 Shafts)

Seal Kit

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Seal Kit – Technical Document

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  • Aluminium Gear Motors

    2ME – Aluminium Gear Motors (Group 2 – DIN, SAE A 2 Bolt)

    Gear Motor

    Made with aluminium alloy body and cast iron flanges and rear covers. High volumetric efficiency achieved by floating bushings and axial compensation. Integral gear with 12 teeth. Available with flanges, shafts and ports for the main European, German and American standards.

    • Group: 2
    • Mount: DIN, SAE A 2-Bolt
    • Displacement Range [cc/rev]: 4.5-26
    • Max. Cont. Pressure [bar-psi]: 250
    • Max Speed [RPM]:  4000
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