2PEHL Hi-Low – Aluminium Gear Pumps (Group 2 – DIN)


Cast iron front and rear covers, clockwise rotation pumps.

High Pressure Low Displacement:
  • From 4.5 to 8.3 cc/rev
  • P1 = 250 bar max
Low Pressure High Displacement:
  • 11.3 to 22.5 cc/rev
  • P2 = pressure setting of the sequence valve, 80 Bar standard
Rotation Speed Range:

600 to 3500 RPM

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Stock No. Displacement Max. Speed RPM Max Pressure Bar HiLo Pressure
cc/rev P1 P2 PHL
2PEHLD0411 4.5 + 11.3 3000 250 280 80
2PEHLD0414 4.5 + 14.0 3000 250 280 80
2PEHLD0611 6.5 + 11.3 3000 250 280 80
2PEHLD0816 8.2 + 16.0 2750 250 280 80
2PEHLD0822 8.2 + 22.5 2750 250 280 80
The 2PEHL Series is the most performing and reliable Hi – Lo gear pump in the market.

The Hi – Lo is a double gear pump with common suction port and sequence valve built in. It shifts automatically from two pumps to one pump anytime the load pressure pilots the opening of the sequence valve. Specifically designed for Log Splitters, it can also be used in all the applications that require high speed at low load and low speed at high load, such as stationary compactors, crimping machines, clamping mechanisms, metal forming machines, etc. By using HI – Lo pumps the motor can be downsized with great advantage in power saving.


Log Splitters, Trash Compactors, Press Applications

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Accessories and Spare Parts

Stock No. Description PDF
2PESEALKIT (Click to View) Seal Kit
2PESEALKITVITON (Click to View) Seal Kit Viton
2PESEALKIT5485S2 (Click to View) Suit 2PE S4, S5,85 Shaft
2PESEALKITVITON5485S2 (Click to View) Suit 2PE S4, S5,85 Shaft


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