APM Medium Pressure Filters (1/2” BSPP Threaded)

Medium Pressure Filters

These aluminium body filters are designed for use in medium pressure (up to 110 bar) delivery lines to protect components downstream from contamination generated by the pump. They are available fitted with 10 micron inorganic fibre elements as standard with other options available from 3 micron to 60 micron. Visual and Electrical/Visual clogging indicators are available as an optional extra.

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Medium Pressure In-Line Filters

Stock No. Description Max. Flow Rate Port Size Micron Rating Bypass Setting Weight Kg Max. Pressure
APM37GNR Pressure Filter 60 LPM 1/2” BSPP 10 Micron 6 BAR 0.95 110 BAR 1595 PSI
APM38GNR Pressure Filter 90 LPM 1/2” BSPP 10 Micron 6 BAR 1.25 110 BAR 1595 PSI


Medium Pressure Replacement Filter Elements

Stock No. Description Micron Rating Fits Filter Assembly Max. Pressure
CPM37GN Medium Pressure Filter Element 10 Micron APM37*NR 110 BAR
CPM38GN Medium Pressure Filter Element 10 Micron APM38*NR 110 BAR


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