D4V Manual Diverter Valves

Manual Diverter Valves

4-Way Rotary Selector/Diverter Valves – A low cost option to 4-way ball valves in medium pressure applications.

  • Max. Flow (LPM): 35-90
  • 4 Way Rotary
  • Max. Working Pressure (BAR): Up to 250
  • Construction: Flange Mount
  • Circuit: 4 Way
  • Actuation: Manual Rotary Single Lever
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They are ideal for use as directional valves in a ‘hand pump’ circuit application where a double acting cylinder function is required and necessary valving is not incorporated in the hand pump. Two spool types are available, one for open centre systems and one for closed centre systems.

Stock No. Changeover Recommended Maximum Flow Recommended Max. Pressure Port Size
D4V38CC Closed 35 LPM 9 US GPM 250 BAR  3600 PSI 3/8” BSPP
D4V38 Open 35 LPM 9 US GPM 250 BAR 3600 PSI 3/8” BSPP
D4V12 Open 50 LPM 13 US GPM 250 BAR 3600 PSI 1/2” BSPP
D4V34 Open 90 LPM 23 US GPM 220 BAR 3190 PSI 3/4” BSPP


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