• EC-PWM-A1-MPC1-P Microprocessor-based PWM electronic driver for remote control of a single proportional solenoid valve.
  • Mounting on a panel opposed to being plugged straight on the connect
  • The current in the solenoid is independent from any change in the coil resistance or in the supply voltage.
  • Power supply line is protected against reversed polarity and load dump.
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Technical Specifications
Voltage 8.5-30VDC
Number of Inputs 1
Number of PWM Outputs 1
Max current Absorbption 100mA + Load on ouputs
Supply for external potentiometer +5V – 15 mA max current
Working ambient temperature -25 to +85°C
PWM minimum current regulation range 100mA
PWM maximum current regulation range 3000mA
Time ramp up/down independently adjustable from 0.1s to 5s
PWM adjustable frequency table values From 50Hz to 330Hz
Max DV output current N/A
Reference input signal range 0-10V
Protection degree IP67
Programming On-board buttons
Digital Inputs N/A

Primary applications are the control of proportional pressure reducing valves and proportional flow regulators to attain smooth acceleration/declaration and fine metering control of electro hydraulic functions.



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