FPRI – Cartridge Insert Check Valve


  • FPRI*S series are a cartridge style insert check valve, ball version.
  • The bodies are manufactured steel and the guided poppet is in hardened steel.
  • Rated flows up to 80 l/min.
  • Maximum pressure 350 bar.
  • Cracking pressure standard is 1 bar.
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Stock No. Description Max. Flow Rate Max. Pressure Port Size Cracking Pressure Wt Kg
FPRI14S Insert Check Valve 15 350 BAR 1/4” 1 BAR 0.015
FPRI38S Insert Check Valve 30 3/8” 2 BAR 0.025
FPRI12S Insert Check Valve 45 1/2” 3 BAR 0.04
FPRI34S Insert Check Valve 80 3/4” 4 BAR 0.07


Warning: During the mounting or dismounting it is recommended to insert the hexagonal key up to brush the ball in one side and the spring in the other side and not over, to not compromise the seat in the first case and not damage the spring in the second.



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