FT12512 (Silver Series)


Materials: Nickel-plated brass construction with an aluminium hand knob (stainless steel construction is available as an option).

Rated Flow:

  • 50 l/min with 30 l/min in ‘R’ port for 38/”
  • 90 l/min with 50 l/min in ‘R’ port for 1/2”
  • 150 l/min with 90 l/min in ‘R’ port for 3/4”

Working Pressure: 210 Bar (3000 psi)

A vernier type calibration between the adjustment knob and the valve body enables repetition of particular settings.


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Inline Adjustable Needle Valves

Stock No. Description Port Size BSPP Max. Flow Rate Max. Working Pressure
FT1251218 Adjustable Needle Valve 1/8” 10 LPM 210 BAR SCHEMATIC
FT1251214 Adjustable Needle Valve 1/4” 15 LPM 210 BAR
FT1251238 Adjustable Needle Valve 3/8” 30 LPM 210 BAR
FT1251212 Adjustable Needle Valve 1/2” 50 LPM 210 BAR
FT1251234 Adjustable Needle Valve 3/4” 80 LPM 210 BAR


Panel Mount Kits

Stock No. Description To Suit
FT120318 Silver Series Panel Mount Kit FT1251218
FT120314 Silver Series Panel Mount Kit FT1251214/ FT1251514
FT120338 Silver Series Panel Mount Kit FT1251238/ FT1251538
FT120312 Silver Series Panel Mount Kit FT1251212/ FT1251512
FT120334 Silver Series Panel Mount Kit FT1251234/ FT1251534


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