Q35 Monoblock Valves
(LPM 40)

Code: Q35

Monoblock Valves

One-section valve for applications with flow rates up to 40 l/min (11 US gpm). Compactness, strength and simplicity are its main features. The perfect solution for several applications: Agriculture, Earth Moving Machines, Lifting and Transport, Industrial Vehicles. It can be fitted with manual controls.

  • Nominal Flow Rating l/min – (US gpm): 40 (11)
  • Max. Pressure bar – (psi): 300 (4350)
  • Number of Sections: 1
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Stock No. Model Code Recommended Maximum Flow (LPM) Recommended Maximum Flow (GPM) Recommended Max. Pressure (BAR) Recommended Max. Pressure (PSI) Port Size
Q35103A1M1 Q35FSN103A1M1 40 LPM 10 US GPM 300 BAR 4350 PSI 3/4″ UNO


Accessories and Spare Parts

Stock No. Model Code Description
03743R303 R3 Detent Kit – 3 Position
03661P1N P1N Pneumatic Pilot Kit
03622A803 A8 Cable Connector Kit


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