GLR43302 – 2CH Receiver 433MHZ 12/24 Volt DC


The GLR43302 state-of-the-art invention brings a new dimension in the world of Remote Control technology in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Supply Voltage: 7.5 to 28.0 Volts DC.
  • Current Consumption: 11 mA on standby at 12 VDC supply
  • Receiving Freq: 433.920MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5 to 50°C
  • Dimensions: 88 X 43 X 15 mm
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The GLR43302 has two channel outputs. The outputs are open collector(s) and are switched to ground when the receiver receives the correct code from the GIGALINK™ transmitter.

The innovative microcontroller technology replaces the traditional dip switch coding which eliminates any possible code grabbing. Special features such as over four billion code combinations and ability to program any number of transmitters to a receiver adds up to the most advanced and secure Remote Control available.


• Highly sensitive receiver input stage. When used with GLT433… transmitters an operating range of 350 metres (980 ft) is possible
• Open collector output(s)
• Both outputs on the GLR43302SS can be operated simultaneously with the same transmitter
• Crystal controlled for high stability and performance
• Uses micro-controller technology that can be re-programmed to suit unique applications
• Momentary, latching and security latching output modes is user selectable


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