GLT43304A – 4 Button Transmitter


These hand held GIGALINK® transmitters operate on 433MHz. These GIGALINK® transmitters can be programmed to the 433MHz GIGALINK® receivers.

  • GLT43304: 4-Buttons
  • Supply: 9 Volt battery
  • Frequency: 433MHz
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The GLT43304A is available with 4 buttons. The transmission is secure with over 4 billion code combinations.
The transmitter is also available without a case to allow easy integration into your applications.

  • Hand held transmitter
  • Available with 4 channels
  • Over 4 billion code combinations
  • Built in LED indicates button activation
  • Compatible with all GLR433 series receivers
  • Operating range of up to 350 metres (varies upon receiver antenna & location)


GLT43304A – Technical Data
GLT43304A – Coding Instructions
GLT43304A – Price List

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