HSR Rotary Flow Dividers

Flow Dividers

High pressure flow dividers come standard with two or four sections. Each section comes with a differential relief valve from output to input which allows a ‘lagging’ cylinder to catch up at  end of stroke.

Alternative multi-section and mixed section units are available on request.

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HSR Series Rotaty Flow Dividers – 2 Way

Stock No. Description No. of Sections Total Max Inlet (GPM) Displacement Max. Press. Intermittent (PSI) Max. Press. Continuous (PSI) Max. Diff. Between
CC/Rev Section (PSI)
HSR30404 Rotary Flow Divider 2 13 6.7 5000 3000 750
HSR30707 Rotary Flow Divider 2 21 11.7 5000 3000 750
HSR31010 Rotary Flow Divider 2 29 16.4 5000 3000 750
HSR31515 Rotary Flow Divider 2 44 24 5000 3000 750


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