MAP3 Series – Single Axis Joystick PWM Output Stainless Steel Marine Application


MAP3 (version for marine use of MAP2) is a single axis electronic joystick with PWM outputs, capable of directly controlling a couple of PWM solenoid valves.

  • Spring Centre
  • PWM Output Signal
  • Programmable
  • Cruise Control
  • Deutsch connector.

Materials: All metal parts are stainless steel, all alluminum parts are deep anodised.

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MAP3 (version for marine use of MAP2) is a single axis electronic joystick with PWM outputs, capable of directly controlling a couple of PWM solenoid valves. Joystick command is based on the measurement of magnetic field of a permanent magnet through redundant Hall effect probes, not subject to wear and tear.

Main Characteristics:
  • One proportional section (A+B) direct control (2 PWM outputs max 2.5A);
  • Adjustable minimum/maximum current for each directions (A+B);
  • Adjustable rise/fall timeramp up to 25 seconds (step 0.1s);
  • Adjustable PWM frequency from 50 to 300 Hz;
  • Input for speed reduction or deadman feature or “fault” output (default);
  • Frictioned lever version available;
  • Output curve shape: linear or parabolic (selectable);
  • DV digital output is activate when PWM output is on;
  • All working parameters are adjustable through a serial port and the

Windows® SepSim program using a special serial port adapter (AISR).
The version with voltage signal output is also available (MAS3).

Technical Specifications
Power Supply Voltage 10 ÷ 30 Vdc
Working Temperature Range -40 ÷ +70 °C
PWM Output Minimum Current 100 ÷ 2500 mA  (250 mA preset)
PWM Output Maximum Current 100 ÷ 2500 mA  (850 mA preset)
PWM Frequencies 50 ÷ 300 Hz (100 Hz preset)
DV and AUX output maximum current 2000 mA
Connections Cable L=20 cm with Deutsch DT04-8 connector
Working Angle ± 26 degrees
Force for lever at full stroke 20 N
Ingress Protection Rating IP67
Salt spray
EMC compatibility ISO EN 14982:2009

Working Mode

MAP3 joystick is designed to directly control two proportional solenoid valves (one section of an electrically controlled hydraulic distributor). The PWM command of the coils is feedback controlled, in order to guarantee the current stability indipendently to external factors (power supply voltage, coil temperature, …). The frequency of the PWM outputs is adjustable from 50 Hz to 300 Hz (preset to 100 Hz). The electronic card is protected against short-circuits of the load. The MAP3 joystick is preset for a generic 24 V proportional valve, with 250 mA minimum current and 850 mA maximum current. Fall and rise timeramps are preset to zero. It can be necessary to modify the original preset values, in order to achieve better performances of the joystick in various applications (with different supply voltages or with different kind of proportional solenoid valves). Setting can be changed using a PC with the SepSim Windows® program and a special serial port adapter with M8 connector (code: PISPR).


A multicolor LED under the mounting panel is lit when joystick is supplied and gives information on the status of the
device with a coded series of colored flashes.

  • Kit with male mating connector Deutsch DT6-8 way (with female contacts). Code: PCVMDT8
  • AISR: serial port adapter with M8 connector (to adjust settings). Code: PISPR
  • PRG2R programmer with M8 connector (to adjust just Imin and Imax). Code: PPRG2R


Accessories and Spare Parts

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PPRG2R PRG2 Programming Keyboard for on sight fine tuning PDF
RCMMWE95 Handle with Lens – Type M PDF


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