MCT91512 – 12 Button Transmitter

MCT Series 915MHz Remote Controls with 12 Buttons

  • Available with 12 channels
  • Fast Frequency Hopping operates on several frequencies for interference or jamming immunity
  • Uses a standard 9-volt alkaline battery
  • 12-way dipswitch (4096 codes) or Encrypted (Over 16 million codes)
  • More than 1 button can be press at a time, i.e. simultaneous channel transmission
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The transmitters use a dual digital coding called Multicode Technology (MCT).

This MCT digital coding can be either the 12-way dipswitch or the encrypted coding for high security applications. The combination of FFH and MCT technology brings you a very sophisticated transmitter yet easy to use. The FFH technology is usually used in very expensive equipment with military, medical applications.

  • Flashing LED indicates a flat battery
  • Can operate several transmitters next to each other with no interference or jamming
  • Export Models also available for USA/Canada & New Zealand
  • Usable Receivers: All Elsema type MCR915 series


MCT91512 :
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