MHP Mini Pressure Filters (1/4” BSPP Threaded)

Mini Pressure Filters

The MHP220 series filters are suitable for use in pressure lines with flow rates up to 6 l/min. Options available include a range of filter elements from 10 micron to 125 micron low collapse construction in an assortment of media.

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Mini Pressure In-Line Filters

Stock No. Description Max. Flow Rate Port Size Micron Rating Bypass Setting Weight Kg Max. Pressure
MHP220ANR Pressure Filter 20 LPM 1/4” BSPP 10 Micron 6 BAR 1.25 280 BAR 4060 PSI

Mini Pressure Replacement Filter Elements

Stock No. Description Micron Rating Fits Filter Assembly Max. Pressure
MHPR220AN Mini Pressure Filter Element 10 Micron MHP220*NR 280 BAR
MHPR220BN Mini Pressure Filter Element 25 Micron MHP220*NR 280 BAR


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