OMT Suction Strainers
(3/4” BSPP Threaded)

Suction Strainers

This suction strainer has been designed to be inserted through and screwed into a 1” BSP socket welded into the tank wall. The assembly leaves a 3/4” BSP female thread as the pump suction outlet from the reservoir.

The 90/110 micron wire mesh element protects the pump and other components in the hydraulic system from the larger pieces of contamination that will cause instant and catastrophic component failure.

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Log-Splitter Suction Strainer

Stock No. Description Max. Flow Rate A BSPP B C D E F G CH
OMT03912 Suction Strainer 40 lpm 3/4” 1” 30 29 16 120 165 40


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