OMTP Tank Top Filters/Filler (2 Hole Flange)

Return Line Filters

OMTP are a series of return line in-tank filters. The range has two sizes with nominal flows up to 150 litres/minute. These filters are flanged on the top of the reservoir and have a by-pass valve and air breather (10μm and 40μm) as standard, aimed to filter the air exchanged with the environment. Filter elements are manufactured with the most advanced materials, in order to  grant a high filtration efficiency and duration.

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Tank Top Filter/Filler

Stock No. Description Max. Flow Rate Port Size Micron Rating Bypass Setting Max. Pressure
OMTP20AN10 Tank Top Filter/Filler 40 LPM 1/2” BSPP 10 Micron 1.5 BAR 10 BAR 43 PSI
OMPT1001AN10 Tank Top Filter/Filler 80 LPM 3/4” BSPP 10 Micron 1.5 BAR 10 BAR 43 PSI
OMTP1002AN10 Tank Top Filter/Filler 120 LPM 1” BSPP 10 Micron 1.5 BAR 10 BAR 43 PSI



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