Pressure Transducer

SPT Series

High quality, high stability, small size, low weight and compact structure. The products are widely used to measure pressures of air compressors, auto engines, air conditioning equipment and hydraulic equipment. Stainless steel housings are ideal for the industrial environment. The products have been approved with CE, intrinsically safe, and explosion-proof certificates. Non-polar two-wire current and three-wire voltage output are available

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Pressure Transducers

Stock No. Description A Pressure Range
SPT1200009 Pressure Transducer 1/4” BSPP 0 – 150 Bar Adjustable
SPT1200010 Pressure Transducer 1/4” BSPP 0 – 200 Bar Adjustable
SPT1200011 Pressure Transducer 1/4” BSPP 0 – 300 Bar Adjustable


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