PRG2R Programming Keyboard

Programming Keyboard

The PRG2 keyboard is a simple device that can be used to tune working parameters of the microprocessor based devices produced by FABER-COM.

Suits: MAP2, MAP2L Joysticks VPP3 Rotary Proportional Controllers VRG Ramp Generators

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With PRG2 keyboard and the help of the display or LEDs on the programmed device and flashes of the LED on the PRG2 itself, you can browse and modify the main working parameters of the system. PRG2 can be connected to the device to be programmed even with the system already powered. The programmable device recognizes when the PRG2 is connected and automatically goes into programming mode. Each device signals in different ways (via blinking LEDs or display messages) the program step in which it is. Refer to the manual of each specific device to know the exact operating procedure and the list of adjustable parameters. All changes take effect in real time. When a button is kept pressed for more than 0.5 s the autorepeat feature starts automatically.
Pressing down contemporaneously the PREV and NEXT buttons all changes are saved permanently in the device.


For more complex needs (extended access to all parameters, uploading of all parameters to be tranferred to another device, parameter’s direct value setting, advanced diagnostics…) it is available the serial interface adapter AIS. This is supplied together with SepSim program that works on PCs with Windows operating systems. The AIS is available with different types of connectors, each suitable for a specific family of products.


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