RCB Lever Operated Hydraulic Joystick

Lever Operated Hydraulic Joystick

The hydraulic remote control RCB is capable of working with a maximum input pressure of 100 bar at a maximum oil input capacity of 16 l/min.

  • Type: Lever type
  • No. of Ports: 4
  • Nominal Flow Rating l/min – (US gpm): 12 (3,2)
  • Max. Pressure bar – (psi): 60 (870)
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Maximum input pressure 100 bar
Maximum back pressure on tank line 3 bar
Oil input capacity 16 l/min
Hysteresis 0.9 bar
Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil
Fluid temperature range -20+80°C
Fluid viscosity range 10÷300 Cst
Recommended filtration 25 μ Absolute
Recommended 8mm dia rigid,
operating pipes 1/4” BSP flexible
Body Cast iron
Plunger Stainless steel
Plunger guide Brass
Handles Microswitch Breaking
Direct current Load resistive 4.8A/30 VDC
Alternating current Load resistive 1.5A/250 VAC
Protection IP 40
RCB Style
RCB01A02 HCRCB01A02MAMWP10002A02MAMWP100RAG02 Hydraulic Remote Control Double 5 – 25 bar
RCB01A04 HCRCB01A04MAMWP10002A04MAMWP100RAG02 Hydraulic Remote Control Double 6 – 40 bar
RCB01*** HCRCB01***MAMWP10002***MAMWP100RAG02 Hydraulic Remote Control Double
*** Denotes Metering Curve e.g. A01 (6 – 20 Bar)



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