RIL In-Line Pressure Filters (1/2” BSPP Threaded)

In-Line Pressure Filters

The Ognibene In-Line filters have been developed to obtain a high performance of filtration, added to a low cost, in order to allow the utilisation on the pressure line, after the pump, in small hydraulic systems. By using this type of filter directly on the pump’s exit, the particles (for example: 25 microns and larger for type IL 12/25), sucked and produced by the pump, are removed before damage to the valves and the rest of the system.


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In-Line Pressure Filter Assemblies

Stock No. Description Port Size Micron Rating Max. Flow Rate Maximum Working
924001211 Filter Assembly (Reversible) 1/2” BSPP 10 Micron 10 LPM 350 BAR 5000 PSI
924001226 Filter Assembly (Reversible) 1/2” BSPP 25 Micron 25 LPM 350 BAR 5000 PSI
924001241 Filter Assembly (Reversible) 1/2” BSPP 40 Micron 40 LPM 350 BAR 5000 PSI
924001261 Filter Assembly (Reversible) 1/2” BSPP 60 Micron 60 LPM 350 BAR 5000 PSI

Replacement Filter Elements

Stock No. Description Micron Rating Fits Filter Head Max. Pressure
139010000 Replacement Filter Element 10 Micron 9240012** 350 BAR
139010011 Replacement Filter Element 25 Micron 9240012** 350 BAR
139010012 Replacement Filter Element 40 Micron 9240012** 350 BAR
139010013 Replacement Filter Element 60 Micron 9240012** 350 BAR


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