Safeway Dust Plugs, Caps and Assemblies

Dust Plugs, Caps and Assemblies

Protective dust caps and dust plugs are available in rubber or metal in a variety of sizes.

They should be used whenever possible to help reduce contamination of the hydraulic system and improve service life of the body half (coupling) and the mating tip half (nipple).


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Complete Coupler No. Dust Cap (Protects Tip) Dust Plug Clamp Bulkhead Ring
(Protects Body)
S20-2(P) S49-2 S44-2
S20-14(P) S49-2 S44-2
S20-4P S49-4 S44-4 S42-4
S20-15P S49-4 S44-4 S42-4
S20-16(P) S49-4 S44-4 S42-4
S20F-6 5209-5 5205-5
S30-2P S39-2 S34-2
S30-3P S39-3 S34-3
S40-2 S49-2 S44-2 S43-2
S40-3 S49-3 S44-3 S42-3 S43-3
S40-4 S49-4 S44-4 S42-4 S43-4
S40-6 S49-4 S44-4 S42-4 S43-4
S70-4(P) S49-4 S44-4 S42-4 S43-4
S70-15 S49-4 S44-4 S42-4 S43-4
S70-16 S49-4 S44-4 S42-4 S43-4
S56-2 S59-2 S54-2
S56-3 S59-3 S54-3
S56-4 S59-4 S54-4
S56-6 S59-6 S54-6
S56-8 S59-8 S54-8


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