SP Series Outrigger Bearings

Outrigger Bearing Assemblies (Over Hung Load Adaptors)

Flanged directly to the pump, the supports of our “SP” series protect the shafts of pumps and motors from high radial loads.

They can also be used as support for chin belts. The housings of  these supports are made of cast aluminium alloy, the shafts are machined from special steel.

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OMT Outrigger Bearing Assemblies (Over Hung Load Adaptors)
Stock No. Description Mount Input Output
SPU1C Outrigger Bearing Assembly DIN GRP1 1:8 Taper 18mm Parallel
SPR2 Outrigger Bearing Assembly DIN GRP2 1:8 Taper 22mm Parallel
SPU3U Outrigger Bearing Assembly DIN GRP3 1:8 Taper 24mm Parallel


SP Series  – Technical Data