SSC-E Series

Salt Spreader Control System

The salt spreader system is a digital control unit designed to suit any make of single-chamber salt spreader that is used in winter road maintenance operations.

Applications: Salt and Fertilizing Spreaders

Spreader GPS Control System Dashboard
Version Code PCSS0018

Spreader GPS Control System Single Items
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Spreader Control System

The control unit is able to drive in a  independent way auger speed and spinner speed. The speeds control system operate in open loop mode. The speeds regulation is made by the potentiometric panel. The display shows the speed percentage of spinner (SPREAD) and auger (UNLOAD); moreover in display total working hours is shown. The ON/OFF switch switches the electronics on and off. The MAX button (arrow UP) temporarily sets spinner and auger speed at maximum value. The LIGHT switch is used to drive an auxiliary lighting system. It is available also an on/off output to control Salt Water Pump (AUX switch).

Available Options

It is possible to have a spread system able to set the unload quantity as a function of the traveling speed  (feedback on the truck wheels). This option is suitable to keep salt spread density constant at any traveling speed. Vehicle speed can be determined with an auxiliary GPS antenna.


With the push buttons on the Canview4 display, it is possible to choose the setting menu to regulate min/max output currents, and the PWM frequency.

KIT composition

The salt spreader system is based on the MDE control card for the PWM power outputs and on the Canview4 colour display as user interface

Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 8Vdc ÷ 32Vdc
Working temperature range -20 ÷ +70 °C
PWM output minimum current adjustable from 100 to 2500 mA
PWM output maximum current adjustable from 100 to 2500 mA
PWM frequency adjustable from 50 to 300 Hz
ON/OFF output maximum current 2500mA
Display TFT colours – size 4.3″

480×272 resolution

Connectivity 2 CAN-BUS lines – 1 RS232 serial port

5 keys with backlight – 1 Buzzer

Seal integrity IP65


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