VSD08M Solenoid Valves

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Cetop 8 Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves

Max. Flow 473 l/min – Max. Operating Pressure 310 bar
Max. Tank Line Pressure: Dynamic = 210 bar – Static = 210 bar

Stock No. Symbol Description
VSD08M3LG3L** Double Solenoid, Spring Centred – 3 Position – 4 Way P to T, A & B Blocked in Neutral
VSD08M3AG3L** Double Solenoid, Spring Centred P, T, A & B Blocked in Neutral
VSD08M3BG3L** Double Solenoid, Spring Centred P, A & B Open to T in Neutral
VSD08M3FG3L** Double Solenoid, Spring Centred P Blocked, A & B open to T in Neutral
** Substitute for voltage required (eg 12VDC). Note: All valves include standard bolt kit and DIN connectors for each coil.

Cetop 8 Subplates

Stock No. Ports Description
ES8A114LL 1-1/4” BSPP A-B-P-T Lateral Ports
ES8A114PLX3F 1-1/4” BSPP A-B Lateral Ports, P-T Rear Ports c/w Relief
EB108 Cetop 8 Blanking Plate
EB408 Cetop 8-7 Adaptor Plate
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